LightSPARK Digital Designs is a web site design and development company based in Worcester, MA. We specialize in affordable, effective, and professional web site design, web development, e-commerce solutions, and search engine optimization.

Whether you need a one page “business card” web site to give contact information, or a full blown e-commerce web site to showcase your products and allow your customers to purchase your products or services online, we can deliver an attractive, affordable, and professional web site. With over five years experience in the web site design industry, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Find out how our affordable and professional web site design services can enhance your business.

“Why Do I Need A Web Site?”

There are several reasons why all businesses should have a professional web site. They include:

  • Better Communication with your customers.
  • Providing excellent Customer Service to your customers to keep them coming back.
  • Lowering your business Advertising and Marketing costs while increasing your sales.
  • Enabling your customers to find information on your products and services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How a Professional Web Site Can Increase Business

“Why hire a professional web site designer? Can't I just design my web site myself?”

Sure, you could build your web site yourself. But a professional web site designer is trained to give your web site the attention and detail it needs, as well as knowing the ins and outs of the web site design industry. Web site design that is done right is a complex job and requires that the designer have extensive skill sets to make your professional web site an effective marketing tool.

At LightSPARK Digital Designs, we take on the hard part of designing your web site, leaving you free to focus on your customers needs. We illuminate your business ideas with innovative, creative, user-friendly, professional web site designs that attract customers and keep them coming back.

“How will my web site attract new customers?”

To increase the amount of visitors to your web site, your site must be listed in the search engines. There is no way around it. With over 1 billion sites being listed in the search engines, you need a professional to help you “top the mountain” and get those customers to visit your site over your competitors.

So how will LightSPARK Digital help you achieve this goal?

Implementing search engine optimization solutions is how. When we create your professional web site, we design it with the search engines in mind. Incorporating various acceptable and trusted techniques, we make sure that your site is not only listed in the search engines, but listed where it can be found.

Getting Your Web Site Listed in the Search Engines